Step-1: Install the “MailChimp for WP” plugin. Then, see the “MailChimp for WP” option on the WordPress dashboard sidebar. Go to MailChimp for WPMailChimp

Step-2: Connect your MailChimp account through the API key. If you don’t have a MailChimp API key. Register a MailChimp account after that you will get an API key.

Step-3: Automatically your MailChimp account will be connected to your dashboard.

Click Save Changes.

After that, you can see list information that is MailChimp data.

Step-4: If you want to create a MailChimp Form.

Click MailChimp for WPForms.

Step-5: You can create a signup form using HTML.

Step-6: Now, Click “Messages”.

You can see like the below photo where you can edit Successfully subscribed, Invalid email address, Already subscribed, Unsubscribed, etc messages.

Click Save Changes.

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