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After setting up the theme on your site. If you want to change your own design. Don’t choose the existing Home page or design. Don’t worry, you can create your own design. Before starting, You need to know about editing the Elementor page.

You should also be familiar with the layout of the Elementor Editor.

The building blocks in Elementor

There are three primary building blocks:

  • Sections: You can use Columns and Widgets inside.
  • Columns: It will place inside the section on the other hand widgets place outside of columns.
  • Widgets: It will place inside Columns and there are functional site components.

Create a section and columns

Click the + icon to create a section and you can also choose 2,3,4,5 columns. in this case, we will choose one column.

Set Widgets in column

You can see all widgets of theme and elementor in the sidebar. Just, select one and place it inside the column.

In this case, we will place the title widget inside the column.

We have created many widgets in our theme. So, you can design your website as you wish. On the other hand, you can edit the existing homes and other pages easily.

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